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China Code – Operating successfully in the ‘Middle Kingdom’

Keynote / seminar: "China – operating successfully in the ‘Middle Kingdom" (China Code)

Do you want to better understand China’s business culture – and skilfully establish and maintain relationships with Chinese partners?

China has enormous potential. But when we try to work with this five-thousand-year-old culture, we quickly come up against certain barriers.

Here are a few of the most commonly mentioned challenges:

    • The use of English as a common working language
    • A different conversational and discussion culture
    • How can misunderstandings be avoided from the outset?
    • Complex networks of relationships, bureaucracies and hierarchies
    • How does one establish the crucial relationship levels that facilitate effective collaboration?
    • Differing ideas of time/project and quality management
    • What has actually been said or agreed?
    • How can we learn to read between the lines?

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