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German Code by Susanne Kilian

Keynote / Seminar: "How to better understand German corporate culture" (German Code)

How can you make communication with Germans more fun and considerably more successful?

When doing business with Germans, the following questions often arise:

    • How can you gain trust and respect as a business partner?
    • How formal/informal should you be?
    • What are the expectations concerning timeliness and quality of work?
    • How do Germans approach project management, teamwork and hierarchies?
    • Why does small talk seem to make them uncomfortable?
    • Why are Germans so direct and to the point?

The German Code leads to smoother communication and more productive collaboration. It also provides revealing insights into how the mind understands language:

    • What causes misunderstandings?
    • Are they due to cultural differences or lack of language proficiency?
    • Which strategies are effective in defusing misunderstandings?

Gain an eye-opening perspective on German and how culture affects the way you communicate.

Develop customized time- and money-saving communication strategies that contribute to mutual success!


Bookable as a keynote or seminar.

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