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International Business Code

Keynote / Seminar: "Business English that scores internationally"

(International Business Code)

Do you want to discover and learn how to effectively implement the unwritten rules and codes of global Business English?

Understand and be understood on an international level

The "International Business Code" is a keynote and seminar concept for international teams as well as everyone who want to skillfully establish and maintain successful business relationships worldwide.

Even though we share English as our common business language, we keep on thinking and talking in the familiar pattern of our own native languages. One and the same word or sentence can be understood differently in the various countries we work with. This quickly leads to costly and time consuming misunderstandings.

It is therefore less important HOW WELL we speak a language technically (vocabulary and grammar), but HOW we speak it and how well we are able to meet the expectations of our international partner or listener.

In Germany, getting down to business and not wasting time is seen as an efficient and professional approach. But on an international level, that very mindset leads to one faux pas after another. Our own home-made road block on the way to success.

The participants of the "International Business Code" will gain surprising insights and a new understanding of international expectations. They will learn how to "decode" communication (read and listen between the lines) and will develop effective strategies in their everyday international communication.

Bookable as a keynote or seminar.

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