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International Teams - Uniting the Best of all Worlds

Keynote / Seminar:

International Teams - Uniting the Best of all Worlds

Do you want to avoid misunderstandings in international teams and gain resources for mutual goals and success?

How to stop these “lost in translation”- moments and optimize international projects

Throughout centuries all our native languages have developed specific styles of communication. Even though we share English as our common business language, we keep on thinking and talking in the familiar pattern of our own native languages.

Decoding language according to our native patterns happens automatically and unconsciously. One and the same word, one and the same sentence can be understood differently in the various countries we work with. This quickly leads to costly and time consuming misunderstandings. How can international teams save time and money by developing a better feel for the individual understanding of language right from the start? How can we read between the lines and fully understand what has been really said or agreed on?

This course offers strategies on how to overcome challenges deriving from the fact that our common business language English is not the native language of most team members.

We will also find answers on:

    • Acceptance of inequality and hierarchy as a result of the caste system
    • Relationship networks and bureaucracy
    • How to overcome: different notions in regards to time, priorities and project/quality management
    • How to better handle bureaucracies, hierarchies and codes of honor in the various countries we work in and with
    • How to establish  a common ground and relationships, which are key for successful team work

International projects that master avoiding discords unite the best of all worlds and win new resources for their common goals and success.

Bookable as a keynote or seminar.

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