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Namasté India

Keynote / Seminar:

"Namasté India!"

Do you want to operate effectively and achieve your aims on the Indian subcontinent?

The Indian market has huge potential for the future. But when we try to work with this five-thousand-year-old culture, we quickly come up against certain barriers.

Here are a few of the most commonly mentioned challenges:

    • Acceptance of inequality and hierarchy as a result of the caste system
    • Indian relationship networks and bureaucracy
    • The use of English as a common working language (i.e. a foreign language for both parties)
    • An unfamiliar conversational and discussion culture
    • Differing ideas of time/project and quality management

How can we be more successful in our collaboration with India? What has actually been agreed? What expectations are realistic?

How can we learn to read between the lines – and avoid misunderstandings from the very outset?

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