This is what my clients say:

I would like to thank Ms Susanne Kilian for her excellent lecture about our German language and communication issues on international platforms. The lecture was very interesting, informative, and entertaining. Ms Kilian spoke with charm and humour. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her. The large audience was enthusiastic.

Gebhardt von Moltke, (Chairman) German – British Association

In addition to the technical and linguistic aspects, the training imparted excellent knowledge and understanding of the relationship between language and international culture. Coupled with Ms Kilian’s catchy and efficient teaching methods, the training has both improved and enhanced our understanding of language and interaction, in addition to negotiations.

Volkmar Fritz, (Head of Sales), KPMG Germany

Our club members had the exceptional opportunity and pleasure to experience Susanne Kilian’s introduction to “The English Code”. Although we were all convinced of our proficiency in English, we all learned a lot. Ms Kilian’s informative and amusing lecture was very enjoyable and provided us with an into the peculiarities of communication.

Michael Geier, (Member of the board) Association of the International Club in the Foreign Office

Mastering misunderstandings globally

Keynote at the International Club of the Foreign Office, Berlin