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Small Talk is Sales Talk

Keynote / Seminar:

"Small Talk is Sales Talk"

Do you want small talk to roll easily off your tongue at receptions, during breaks, in negotiations or in meetings? Do you want to give others a lasting impression that you are someone they enjoy talking to and doing business with?

Master the art of small talk and you'll never run out of things to say!

We are all familiar with those awkward silences when you can’t think what to say next. And let’s face it: German native speakers may be good at most things – but not small talk!

Yet small talk plays an essential role in international communication. Discover that you can master it surprisingly easily and effectively!

    • Give an impression of relaxed confidence, and make contact effortlessly
    • Always have a supply of amusing and intelligent topics of conversation
    • Enjoy yourself – both in German and English!

You will find out just how important small talk is, and what a pleasure it can be to skilfully use appropriate ‘openers’ and ‘follow-ups’.

Using a variety of examples and practical exercises you will learn – in a relaxed atmosphere – how to open new doors and access new opportunities.


Bookable as a keynote or seminar.

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