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The American Dream - Be a part of it!

Keynote / Seminar:

"The American Dream – be part of it!"

In an era of ‘America first’, do you want to come up with the right strategy and words for the American market?

At first glance, the USA seems deceptively familiar. But when it comes to dealing with major American companies, we face daily challenges:

    • They have a different conversational and discussion culture
    • They have a different approach to managing time and setting priorities

It is easy for Europeans to get the impression that American programmes and procedures are not geared to European conditions, or that agreements do not appear to be binding.

But perhaps the biggest difference is the way Americans give presentations or engage in sales discussions.

What does all this have to do with the American Dream? And how can you find the right language and adopt the right strategies to achieve your goals?

Bookable as a keynote or seminar.

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